Cryptbin revolves around your security, and we take it seriously. Read through our FAQ below to learn more about the integrity of your data and how we handle different situations. If you have a question that is not answered below, please email us and will add it!

Why should I use Cryptbin over other paste sites?
In addition to Cryptbin providing an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, the main feature of Cryptbin is that all messages are encrypted and secure against prying eyes. Read on to find out more about the encryption methods used and how it works.
What method of encryption does Cryptbin use?
All messages are encrypted with AES-256 encryption in the browser, using a private key given to you, before they are sent to the server. Once we receive your encrypted message, it is encrypted again using Rijndael 256. Rijndael 256 is extremely similar to AES-256 and the two are used interchangably in practice. For more information, please read the Wikipedia entry for AES.
How does the encryption process work?
When you submit a message it is first encrypted in your web browser using AES-256 encryption. The encrypted message is then sent to the server to be stored. The encryption key is also generated in the browser and is never transmitted. We never know your key and it never leaves your computer.
How does instant self-destruction work?
When your message is marked for instant self-destruction it is destroyed immediately after being viewed the first time. Please note: Once the message is opened, it cannot be retrieved again.
Are messages truly deleted?
Unlike some sites (Facebook) that simply mark a record as deleted and do not display it, we actually delete all traces of your message. The entire database entry is removed immediately and cannot be retrieved again.
Can I enable syntax highlighting?
Yes! When you create a post you have the option to select Plain Text, Source Code or Markdown. All pastes with source code selected will have syntax highlighting enabled.
Can I save my pastes?
Yes! To save your pastes you simply need to create a free account. Please note, however, that encryption keys are never saved!