Accept Donations on Pastes

We are excited to announce the latest feature for Cryptbin: altcoin donations. Any paste author is now able to accept donations on a per paste basis by simply enable the feature when creating a paste. You have the option to choose from Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Or all 3!

You may choose the address in which to send the donations to and best of all, you get 100% of the amount donated. The wallet address(es) that are provided are displayed next to your paste. We do not take any percentage of any donations which is also why we simply display the address and do not act as a middle man or handle any funds. Your readers are free to choose how they send the donation and how much they send.

Best of all, this feature is available to everyone, it does not require an account to use.

Our primary focus is your privacy. As such, your wallet address(es) are encrypted using the same key as your paste and treated just the same.

Published 5 years ago