All pastes created on Cryptbin are as private as you make them. We never publish any indentifiable information with any pastes.


Cryptbin uses technologies such as HTTPS and Two-Factor Authentication to make sure that your information is as secure as it can possibly be!


We don't just encrypt web traffic with SSL, but all pastes are encrypted with AES-256 to ensure that whatever you're sharing is only seen by the people you intended for it to be seen by!


Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax designed so that it can be converted to HTML. Cryptbin allows anyone to use markdown to create rich text documents using a plain text editor.

Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting is enabled for over 70 different programming languages. There is no need to specify the language, simply toggle the paste type to Source Code and the rest is history.

Two-Factor Authentication

Using Google Authenticator, any account can enable two-factor authentication very easily. After signing in just visit the My Settings page and enable it. A QR code is created instantly allowing you to add the account to Google Authenticator.

Timed & Instant Destruction

Pastes can be set to destroy after a specific amount of time, or immediately after being viewed.

Share Code and Images

Cryptbin supports multiple files and image attachments. Add your HTML, CSS, Javascript and images all in a single paste!

Drag & Drop

Forget copy & paste. Simply drag your text file or code onto Cryptbin and it will create a new file, if needed, and paste the files contents directly into the text box.

Have an entire project? Each file is analyzed and images are automatically added as an attachment. Source is also detect and the paste type selector is toggled accordingly.